July 28

Well I did end up going on a wonderful bike ride the other morning. I’m not sure of the length though, I need to see if there’s some APP for that – I’m sure there is, but it was wonderful and mostly “up hill”. We don’t have a lot of flat around our house, nothing…

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July 24

So it’s been weeks since I last posted and I have no real excuse why – lol.  I really didn’t like the “feel” of that blog style I was trying so I rarely visited. It was a new, meta blog idea that seemed awesome at the time but really it didn’t work for me so…


July 7

Well 4th of july came and went and we had a great time celebrating at my brother’s house.  we went swimming  Played on the blow up water slide  and watched a few fireworks while playing with sparklers – Dinner was a shrimp boil again – shrimp, potato, sausage, and corn on the cob boiled together…


July 1

Happy July 1st!  Today Jaia gets her braces on, which up until this point she was super excited about – Now she worries that they will hurt. Having never had braces myself and only going off what other tell me -I tell her  I think they’ll only hurt for a bit but honestly I’m not…


June 30

Last day of the month! I can’t believe it’s going by so fast. I’m sure I’ve said that before but wow – Last week we got together with our friends for another tween crafternooon- this time we made stamps which will be used in the future to stamp fabric which in turn  we’ll use to…


June 25

Over the weekend, while Jaia and I were Feising in Kentucky my eldest had a few friends over for a sleepover. Really though – when they are all between the ages of 15 and 18 what exactly do you call a sleepover????  Not a slumber party surely ! She requested pizza (so I left her…


June 23

So we made it through back to back weekend feising. Traveling 2 weekends in a row really has taken a toll on me – I’m still recovering from the first trip!  The drive was easy, we car pooled with another mom and her daughter – and had a very pleasant time. Lunch we ate in…


June 19

Scenes from around our home- Horses in my living room Summer reading Blackberries in the yard Chocolate mint taking over Feis prep weekend travel #2 Bright Blessings!

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June 18

Well it’s been both a rushed and a not rushed summer so far and there isn’t much to post about today. We’ve been busy, what with dance camp and competitions going on. But so far we’ve not been running around crazy. And that’s a good thing. After this weekends competition we will have a lull…


June 16

So Jaia and I traveled to our first official out of state feis this past weekend. (Not counting the Oireachtas she participated in last year). Since she’s a novice now I want her to experience a few more feisianna  so she can get both experience and hopefully medals. We carpooled with some friends this time…